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See more at your home inspection – Choose an Infrared home inspection & see what no one else can see!

Introducing Infrared Thermography Services at Lighthouse Home Inspections Toronto.
Used for years in law enforcement and government applications, Infrared scans are a new technology to home inspection and are available at Lighthouse Home Inspections Toronto. Infrared cameras identify areas of temperature differences, allowing your inspector to identify areas of heat loss; water penetration and leaks; overloaded electrical circuits, pests and insect infestations; missing insulation and structural concerns. When requested, your Lighthouse inspector can scan the home to identify concerns not visible to the naked eye. They can identify and pinpoint concerns not otherwise detectable that can help save thousands in repair costs! When you need to be sure, call Lighthouse Inspections and ask for a Thermography scan with your next inspection!

Gain access to areas not otherwise accessible, homes with no attic are no problem with Infrared technology, the inspector can, in most cases, still identify insulation and moisture issues, without any access

Call Lighthouse Home Inspections Toronto today and see your home in a whole new light! Not all areas of the home are accessible. With an Infrared scan we can locate the source of cold areas & heat loss, giving you solutions for a more enjoyable home.

Finding critical heat loss provides the tools to not only reduce energy


An Infrared inspection can locate & identify:

  • Leak detection
  • Overloaded circuit breakers
  • Missing, damaged and / or wet insulation in the attic & behind finished walls
  • Heat loss & air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, windows & doors
  • Water & moisture intrusion that can lead to mold
  • Possible insect & pest infestation
  • Hidden roof leaks before they cause serious damage
  • Location of Wall studs, Floor joists & Heat Ducts
  • Direction of Floor joist, for those considering the removal of a dividing wall
  • Areas of energy loss & offer practical solutions
  • Damaged and / or malfunctioning radiant heating systems
  • Unknown plumbing leaks.

Infrared technology shows you temperature differences, which can locate areas of energy loss or excessive heat generation. Allowing us to identify what issues that cannot be seen during a traditional home inspection.

Home Inspections with Clarity
With a Lighthouse Home Inspection & Infrared scan we can detect latent & hidden deficiencies in your home. With advance knowledge of water penetration, electrical systems, & missing insulation, we can help prevent many home repair expenses most people face. Know what you are buying with an Infrared Scan.